Battle simulates a real battle on a game board. Thus, officers should learn the tactics in a conflict without the cost of life of a real battle. Due to the many different units with their different skills it provides an optimal training without bloodshed, even though it can never reach the complexity of a real battle.

Goal of the game Battle is to kill the hostile king or to move with your own king behind the lines of the enemy. This is interpreted as reaching the opponent’s baseline in the game.


Battle is a game from the in-game book "King Edward, Volume XI" in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. In it the fictional character Edward prompting Akatosh to play a round of 'Battle'.

[...] There are only 81 squares on the board, and each side has exactly 27 playing pieces, each piece moves in a specific way, and so on."
"But the game is like a real battle, isn't it?" asked Ssa'ass.
"No, it is very good practice for learning, and for thinking about how to execute a battle - but my Elven Archers never become tired or demoralized, and my Master Mage always does what I want. Such things seldom happen in a real battle. [...]

Our basic idea arose during the translation process of TES II: Daggerfall in 2008; We completed it during a weekend in February 2016 and made it playable. From this 'sparse' template we created a board game from the Elder Scrolls universum. You can download the results from this page.


To play it you should download the following .zip folder. There you will find the most important play material to cut it out.


  • Game Field
  • 56 Game Token
  • Rulebook
Download, Edition 1